Standardized test scores are the foundation of school rankings, placing all stakeholders at their mercy. Scores from last year combined with the needed scores this year often set the tone within each school building. School calendars are filled with the various tests students have to take, leaving less and less time for teachers to teach and for students to learn.

Technology changes at the speed of light. It is impossible for school leadership to be aware of all of the tools available for their students and staff. Teachers are called upon to do more and more every year, yet children have many of the same needs that they always have had, namely to be taught, valued, and to engage in a positive manner with their intellectual peer group.
Every seat in your classroom is occupied by a student who needs your time, attention and expertise. The needs are varied and you are expected to meet each and every one, often with limited resources. Remarkable Minds would like to help you address the needs of the intellectually gifted students within your classroom setting.
Research shows that most intellectually gifted students walk through your door at the beginning of the school year already in possession of 80% of the knowledge that will be made available to them during the school year. At a time when an instruction is guided by strict state standards geared toward the standardized tests of the day, how can you provide an environment that will keep them engaged, provide them with the chance to delve deeper into an area of particular interest, and give them the opportunity to interact with their intellectual peers?

Most often the answer is that you can’t. Perhaps you don’t know how, or you are so busy trying to meet the needs of the other children in your room that you simply don’t have time to try to create something for them. You know in your heart that you aren’t really meeting their needs but just don’t know how to give them what they need. At Remarkable
Minds we understand your situation and empathize with your plight. Fortunately for you, we can help!

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